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Complete rest in the acute period, coagulants. epsilon aminocaproic acid, vikasol. With a spinal injury and the presence of an extensive hematoma - laminectomy and removal of the hematoma. Antibiotics, sulfonamides for the prevention of secondary complications. Prevention of bedsores, cystitis. In the residual period - massage, physiotherapy exercises. What is hematomyelia and other articles on the topic of neurology.

It develops within a few minutes, there are dissociated sensory disorders, atrophic paralysis, which is due to the localization of hematomyelia, gray matter, posterior horns, the region of the central canal. In the first days, with large hemorrhages, a picture of a transverse lesion of the spinal cord can be observed. Recovery of lost functions usually begins from the second or third week. Hematomyelia and spinal cord compression should be differentiated. Rest, hemostatic agents (Vikasol, calcium chloride), dehydration. With an increase in symptoms of spinal cord compression, a decompressive laminectomy is performed at the appropriate level.

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The main method by which hematomyelia is diagnosed is MRI of the spinal cord. Hematomyelia is treated with conservative (coagulants, neostigmine, nootropics, galantamine, etc.) or surgical (removal of hematoma, embolization and clipping of vascular malformation) methods.

Hematomyelia is internal bleeding in which blood permeates the substance of the spinal cord or accumulates in the form of a hematoma. In the first case, the outflow of blood spreads across the diameter of the spinal cord, causing the death of nervous tissue in the region of the anterior and posterior horns of the spinal cord, as well as compression of the motor and sensory pathways. In the second case, hematomyelia accompanied by the formation of a hematoma leads to compression of the brain structures and spinal roots.

Causes of hematomyelia Symptoms of hematomyelia Diagnosis of hematomyelia Treatment of hematomyelia Prognosis of hematomyelia Prices for treatment. As a rule, hematomyelia leads to a partial lesion of the diameter of the spinal cord and is observed at the level of several spinal segments. Only in rare cases is it accompanied by a total lesion of the entire diameter of the spinal cord.


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The factors contributing to the development of hematomyelia in neurology include severe somatic diseases (cirrhosis of the liver, decompensated hypertension, chronic renal failure, etc.), atherosclerosis, alcoholism, diseases with convulsive syndrome (epilepsy, encephalitis, meningitis, brain abscess, severe influenza).